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Taye Uhuru (Tah-Yay You-Who-Roo) is a historian, genealogist, student of middle childhood education and an independent hip-hop artist. Taye is a world traveler that has visited over 50 countries. He has recorded and performed with musicians in the Netherlands, South Africa, Senegal and several other countries. During his travels he has had the opportunity of studying abroad in the Dominican Republic at Universidad Ibroamericana (UNIBE) In the Dominican Republic he studied Caribbean diseases and Dominican history while volunteering at Ama a Tu Projimo Orphanage and community centers in La Mina and Centro El CafĂ©. Also, he has studied in Brazil at Universidade do Sul de Santa Carina (UNISUL) where he studied Portuguese, Brazilian history and Capoeira. Taye has also dedicated his time to working with people who have developmental disabilities and tutoring children. He is currently active in the Little Africa Food Cooperative. Taye has also participated in fund raisers, food drives and back to school give away's for people in need in Cleveland, Haiti, Philippines, Cape Verde and other countries. Taye likes to spend time with his family, study different cultures, learn foreign languages, try new foods, read books, garden, and write music. The Afro Set Black Nationalist Party for Self Defense is his first book.